Note: Square foot pricing considers total square footage, not heated space/living area.  This includes garages, porches, balconies etc... 

Prices below include a fully illustrated home inspection report as well as required insurance reports (wind mitigation, 4 pt)

Single Family / Townhome Home Inspection Base Pricing

Up to 1500 Sq Ft $275.00
1500 - 2000 Sq Ft $300.00
2000 - 2500 Sq Ft $325.00
2500 - 3000 Sq Ft $350.00
3000 - 3500 Sq Ft $375.00‚Äč
3500 - 4000 Sq Ft $400.00

If the home is over 4000 Sq. Ft. please call us for pricing.


Condominium Pricing

Up to 1000 sq ft $225.00
1000 - 1500 sq ft $250.00
1500 - 2000 sq ft $275.00

2000 - 2500 sq ft $300.00
2500 - 3000 sq ft $325.00
3000 - 3500 sq ft $350.00
3500 - 4000 sq ft $375.00
If the Condominium is over 4000 Sq. Ft. please call us for pricing.

Homes built before 1957 - $50 additional

Homes with Crawl Spaces;
Homes under 1000 sq ft - $75 additional
Homes over 1000 sq ft - $150 additional

Manufactured Homes
(Includes inspection of the crawl space)

Single Wide - $300
Double Wide - $375

Additional services optional for complete home inspections only:

Outbuilding w/utilities - $50.00 includes visual evaluation of all installed and permanent components.
Dock - $50
Sea Wall - $50
Boat Lift - $25 
Please note that we will be unable to inspect a boat lift with a boat on it.

Pool InspectionWe coordinate with an expert pool service which provides a detailed report with photos. Please call our office for pricing and details.


Insurance Inspections

Wind Mitigation Inspection - FREE w/all Complete Home Inspections. $85.00 if only inspection performed.  This inspection will ensure you get the lowest possible homeowner's insurance premium. 

4-Point Inspection - FREE w/all complete home inspections. $100.00* if only inspection performed.  Sometimes, older homes are required to have this unique inspection performed for insurability purposes. This inspection will not be performed on houses less than twenty years old unless requested in advance.
* If home is over 2500 Sq Ft, please call for pricing.

Wind Mitigation and 4-Point Combination Inspection $175.00 * If a roof certification is also required, there will be no additional charge to you.
* If home is over 2500 Sq Ft, please call for pricing.

Citizens Roof Certification Inspection - FREE w/all complete home inspections.  $85.00 if only inspection performed.  This inspection is sometimes required by your insurance company to document the remaining useful life of your roof.


Specific Scope Inspections:

Single system analysis - $175 - includes an in depth analysis of the Structure, Roof, HVAC, Plumbing or Electrical systems.

Repair(s) performed inspection - If you've hired a contractor to perform repairs to your home and want an unbiased opinion of the repairs/renovations, call us.  Prices vary from $50 and up, depending on the quantity of repairs.  Please call us for a customized quote.

Moisture intrusion inspection- Starting @ $200.00 (based on 2000 sq ft home) This inspection includes an infrared analysis of exterior walls and areas subject to energy loss.

                                                                                                                                                  Lab Based Testing

Lead Based Paint Analysis
- $100
- A sample will be collected, sent to the Lab and results will be calculated utilizing EPA Threshold Standards  



All active or past military personnel -5%

Senior citizen -5%

Price list updated 3/11/2019 - Prices guaranteed thru 12/31/2019